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Humorous Hassle

101 True Travel and Life Stories to Make you Laugh and Smile                                                                                                                                                              


It's a collection of Andrew's own experiences, as well as those of business                                                    

friends, authors, Fleet Street journalists and figures from the worlds of politics                  

and entertainment. These recollections describe humorous – but challenging –

hassles and situations that they each coped with, but only really enjoyed

afterwards when safely back home!


Sales of this book are donated to the Salvation Army Homelessness Services charity


Read how:

  *  Passengers hear the pilot of a 747 announce that it’s running out of fuel over the Atlantic –

      and learn that the dummy featured in the film Airplane! is possibly at the controls.

  *  Rory Bremner impersonates an ex-Prime Minister trying to travel incognito.

  *  A broomstick, not a bazooka, greets Jack Straw when, as Foreign Secretary, he lands in Kabul.

  *  The lack of fog in London caused a coach to make an emergency stop on the M25.

  *  Aliens probably did land in China in 1993 – leaving their guidebook behind to prove it.

  *  Golf can be a game to die for, and sparks really can fly.

  *  Alan Titchmarsh’s friend wants to send his lawn away for cutting?


Enjoy the specially drawn cartoons and the hilarious – real – adverts, newspaper notices and stories contained in chapters with titles that set the scene for your amusement:


  *I don’t believe it!  *Was it something that was said?  *Was it something that was eaten or drunk?  

   *Is it me, or is it them?  *Getting there and, hopefully, getting back.  *Travel – it really does broaden

    the mind.  *Life is stranger than fiction. 


Laugh and Smile at one of our 101 stories:

HAVE YOU TRIED OUR FLYING BEER? Travelling on a small, 12-seat propeller

plane from Edinburgh to Aberdeen in 1990, in the days leading up to Christmas

when everyone just ‘wanted to get home’, we were made to wait anxiously

for the plane to be de-iced before it could take off in a snow storm.

On boarding, we were invited to take a can of Newcastle Brown ale from a cool

box, just inside the Cabin doorway. (Apparently, this was the only in-flight service!)


Approaching the runway at Aberdeen, in the same storm, we then ‘enjoyed’ our plane suddenly and violently veering off its flight path. Through the windscreen, we watched, with horror, a very large airliner looming unexpectedly in front of us.


Not all was lost, as this evasive action meant we benefited from a second pass over the city below, albeit at almost right angles to the ground. Of course, as we banked for the successful attempt at landing, the empty, or almost empty, beer cans went flying of their own accord! On arrival, as we wiped ourselves down and left the plane, the pilot said calmly, ‘Phew that was a near miss.’   Descending the stairs and almost kissing the ground, we all agreed!


Laugh and Smile at two of the notices we saw on our travels:

- CHOOSING OUR WINES LEAVES YOU NOTHING TO HOPE FOR On a restaurant door (We didn't enter!)



We hope you have been amused by what you have just read. If so, please buy our book as a gift, or even, as a present to yourself! Whichever, you will be helping a very worthwhile charity.




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