Together, bringing memories to life

Led by Andrew P. Wiltshire, our ambition is to publish books that make readers laugh and smile (and which raise funds for  a good cause) and ones that bring to life tales and memories that might otherwise be forgotten.


We do this through extensive archive research, which discovers forgotten documents, and by personal interviews to gather recollections before they are lost.


We complement this activity with illustrated talks that we are delighted to give to public organisations and meeting groups in order to bring the interesting topics to a wider audience and aid our book sales.


Currently, we offer the following books and related talks: Beatrix Potter's Secret Code Breaker and Humorous Hassle but new titles, and talk topics, are under development. Please read more about us on the following pages of our web site.

Welcome to Arthington Books …

Humorous Hassle
Beatrix Potter’s Secret Code Breaker
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